Privacy Policy for Prune+

Prune+ does not collect or send any player data to any servers other than Apple’s for iCloud. I do not collect any player data using third party servers or any other intermediaries.

Prune+ collects data and stores it on Apple's iCloud service. iCloud is used to save your game. I do not store personal or gameplay data on our servers.

Prune+ collects, uses, and discloses data from kids in the same way as for other users, as described in this policy. Prune+’s use of kids’ data is limited to support internal operations of the game, namely to save your game. Parents or guardians can request to review or change this information by contacting me at the email address below.

For any information stored on your local device or iCloud you can delete it using the in-game ‘reset progress’ option in the game’s settings menu. In addition, deleting the game from your device will remove the local copies of the save data.

Prune+ uses the game engine, Unity. See their privacy policy here: Unity Privacy Policy

If you have any questions about the privacy policy please contact